Manhattan - Single Serve

  • $23.00

As the most famous cocktail in the world, we couldn’t include the Manhattan in our starting line-up. A sure crowd pleasure, the spicy undertones, subtle bitterness, and a hint of sweetness form a cocktail that will please nearly all palates.

The picture of elegance and pristine simplicity, it is an absolute must for the bourbon overs. While people love to explore the ratios of bourbon, vermouth and bitters, we believe we have found the golden ratio making our Manhattan the perfect cocktail to sip on after a long day.

Our Manhattan will take you back to walking into a Manhattan bar, sipping next to New Yorkers of the 19th century.

Unlike any other pre-made cocktails, we make our cocktail in small batches to preserve the freshly-made-at-the-bar taste.

To top it off, all our cocktails come in beautiful glass bottles with engraved details for ultimate luxury experience.


Serving Suggestions:

Add a large ice cube to a chilled Double Old Fashioned Glass.

Pour the Manhattan straight from the bottle.

Garnish with a maraschino cherry.



ABV: 29%

Standard Drinks: 2.3