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12 Gifts for Her

You want to spoil her with something a little more special, but can’t seem to think of what? We have put together a list of beautiful gifts to get your special someone to show them how much they mean to you. Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, a graduation, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or anything in between, we are sure she will love any of these beautiful and thoughtful gifts.


  1. Silk Travel Set
gift ideas for her personalised wine glasses

Give the gift of better and skin and a good night’s sleep! Who wouldn’t love that? This silk pillowcase and eye mask set is the ultimate luxury. Not only doesn’t it feel amazing as soon as you tuck yourself into bed at night, but studies show that sleeping in silk has so many amazing benefits like stopping hair frizz, fighting signs of aging and soothing dry skin, not to mention it is an amazing way to dress up the bedroom.

  1. Wyflo Subscription Box
gift ideas for her wine box personalised wine glasses

So she loves wine but you don’t want to get her just another bottle she’s had before? Give her something a little different and send her a wine tasting box! Wyflo is like your private cellar door. Instead of just picking any wine, you can select options based on their taste preferences, which wine regions they like and the option to create your own box because you know them like no one else.

You can choose either a subscription or a one-time purchase which gives you the option to give them exactly what you want.

Hot tip: have a browse through our personalised wine glasses and customise with their initials. Add this to your gift for the ultimate personalised wine experience!

  1. Pinot & Picasso


gift ideas for her personalised glasses

Pinot and Picasso is the ultimate paint and sip experience. For the girl who loves to be creative, but also loves a glass of red, this is the perfect gift for her! You’ll both be able to enjoy this class together creating some beautiful art (depending on how many wines down!) while sipping your favourite drop. Hot tip: level up her experience by bringing along some personalised wine glasses 😉


  1. The Tote Bag by Marc Jacobs
gift ideas for her marc jacobs personalised glasses

This bag is the perfect bag. It is super practical for everyday, with so much space and sooooo many compartments (shoutout to all the women who’s handbag weighs about 3kgs), yet so chic, this bag is going to complete her outfit so beautifully and effortlessly.

It comes in a variety of colours and materials, but our favourite is this beautiful beige colour. It pairs perfectly with every outfit in every season.


  1. Cocktail Shaker Set
gift ideas for her cocktail shaker set personalised glasses

Is she an entertainer? Does she love hosting dinner parties and having cocktail nights at home? This elegant and sophisticated cocktail shaker set is going to level up her cocktails like no other.

  1. Sienna Wine Glass Set
gift ideas for her personalised wine glasses zo personalised

It would be wrong to create a list of amazing gifts for her without mentioning one of our best-selling products. The Sienna Wine Glass Set is the perfect gift for all wine-lovers. The classic and timeless design is perfect for both red and white wines, so no matter her preference, this wine glass is going to make her favourite pour taste that little bit better.

A personalised wine glass creates a beautiful experience every time she has her wine, whether it’s on her own relaxing on the couch, or dining with friends, make it a moment to remember with their very own glass.


  1. Tom Ford Coffee Table Book
gift ideas for her coffee table book tom ford personalised glasses

Is she your hot bad b*tch with attitude? Is she all about fashion and glamour? Then look no further that Tom Ford for Gucci, the coffee table book. This book is a complete catalogue of Ford's design work for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004. It chronicles not only Ford's clothing and accessories designs for both houses, but also explores Ford's grand vision for the complete design of a brand, including architecture, store design, and advertising. This book is a perfect celebration of the fashion and style icon, as well as the perfect edition to her coffee table.

  1. Linden Cook Fingerprint Necklace
gift ideas for her personalised jewellery jewelry personalised glasses

If you are looking for something a little more meaningful and sentimental or something that she can keep forever, Linden Cook has developed the most beautiful way to capture treasured moments and people. The Mini fingerprint necklace allows you to create an imprint from anyone’s finger and preserve it in a beautiful gold necklace. This is the most perfect recreation of images in lockets in the most thoughtful way possible.


  1. Maison Blaznac Carafe
gift ideas for her water carafe david jones maison balzac personalised glasses

 Is she spending a lot more time working at home due to COVID? Help her spice up her WFH situation with these amazing water carafe and tumbler set from Maison Balzac. The beautiful twist on the classic design is the different coloured glass. This way you can pick the perfect match for her home décor, and make sure she’s staying hydrated!


  1. Wine Traveler Set
gift ideas for her wine traveler set personalised glasses

Does she spend a lot of time in the outdoors? Perhaps she goes camping or loves a picnic in the park? This wine traveler set is the perfect way for her to enjoy spending time amongst nature. No matter the weather, this traveler wine set will keep you wine to the perfect temperature, and ensure it doesn’t spill all over the place as the wind picks up!


  1. Santal 33 
gift ideas for her perfume personalised wine glasses

Fragrance is a classic gift for your lovely lady, but are you tired of the usual Chanel, Giorgio Armani and every other fragrance on the shelves at Myer? Le Labo fragrances are a cult perfumery that create soulful scents with beautiful craftsmanship that capture the fragrances of the world around us. Their signature scent Santal 33 captures the spirit of the old American West into a bottle. This unisex fragrance blends wood, spices and leather to create a warm and musky scent that encapsulates anyone who experiences it.

  1. Star Sign Necklace
personalised gifts for her necklace wine glasses

Is she the type that as soon as she meets someone, she will ask about their star signs? Does she identity herself in her star sign? Then she will love this beautiful way to wear her star sign around her neck. Reliquia has created a timeless and elegant way to wear your star sign in this beautiful gold-plated necklace. You only need to see all the Instagram mentions featuring these beautiful necklaces to know how popular they are amongst women who either obsess over their star sign or not.