Astrology Collection

Whether you’re a balanced Libra, the Aries trailblazer or adventurous Sagittarius, you can now shop your favourite Mon Verre personalised glasses with your very own horoscope. With the largest range of personalised glasses, you’ll find a glass to suit your taste (and your star sign!).


For your friends that read the horoscopes of all their dates, know they’re birth charts and can tell you yours, this the perfect gift for them!


Along with the perfect personalised glass, Mon Verre provides a gift card with a short blurb on your star sign and the perfect drinks to go along with it. We’ll tell you why Scorpios will like a spicy margarita in a Montanna Whiskey Glass, the perfect natural wines enjoyed in the classic Sienna Wine Glass that will to be sure fire hit with your Cancerian friends and how much your Gemini friends will love the contrast of the salty sweet magaritas in a Paris Martini Glass.


If you don’t know which glass to get your loved ones, we’ve got some suggestions! Read our blog on the perfect drinks according to your star sign.