The Perfect Food Pairings for our Cocktails

The Perfect Food Pairings for our Cocktails


When it comes to a timeless cocktail an Old-Fashioned lives up to the name. With a deep sweetness and slightly smoky flavour, pairing salty, sharp, or nutty profiles that can cut the sugary element of the drink will provide a complimentary counterpoint with the cocktail.

Entertaining your guests at home with a platter of hors-d'œuvre perfectly paired with our Old-Fashioned cocktail we recommend serving spiced pecans, tapas style pork ribs, barbecue flavoured duck wings and prosciutto wrapped figs. A perfect balance of smoky, sweet and tangy flavours.


A simple cocktail with 3 ingredients, no shaking needed, the Negroni is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of cocktail. Our distinct bitterness flavours of a Negroni calls for foods with bold flavours; salty dishes and strong cheeses. A charcuterie board would be the perfect accompaniment with our Negroni, featuring salty cured meats, pickled vegetables and flavoursome cheeses. This is the perfect pairing for hosting a dinner party with friends and family.


Surviving countless trends, the Manhattan has outlasted prohibition. It is one of the greatest ever cocktails. The Manhattan requires something hearty to compliment the sweet and bitter flavours from the Manhattan. A smorgasbord with American style cuisine will be the perfect pairing for an upcoming dinner party, especially in these winter months. Tapas style fried chicken and waffles served with maple and hot sauce and lamb skewers.


The espresso martini is a delicious pre-or post dinner pick me up cocktail for our coffee lovers. With an added twist we have included caramel to give our cocktails some extra sweetness. The perfect dessert platter for a dinner date or a night in with your girlfriends calls for something a little more special. Balancing the bittersweetness of the coffee you can serve some nutty biscotti and a rich chocolate dessert. A platter with chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, salted pecans and chocolate walnut brownies will perfectly complement our caramel Espresso Martini.