personalised wine glass mother's day gift

Give her something extra special this Mother's Day

Mother's Day only comes around once a year, so when it does you have to make it count. After all, our mums do so much for us, and do it without complaint and with unconditional love. However, we know that sometimes Mum needs to have a drink or two to deal with all the hurdles that Motherhood will throw her way. So we’ve put together a gift guide for your Mum’s poison of choice.
1. The late night red wine Mum.
If your Mum loves to sit on the couch at the end of a long day, put on her favourite TV show and pour herself a glass of wine then the Roma Wine Glass is just what she needs. This elegantly designed and beautifully engineered glass is perfect for full-bodied reds. The wide body oxygenates the wine so that it captures all the nuances of the wine’s aroma. So give your Mum the gift of Roma this Mother’s Day because she deserves to enjoy her red wine to it’s maximum potential after those long days.
2. The rose all day Mum.
Is your Mum keen for a glass of rose no matter the time of day? Brunch with friends? Rose. Dinner in the city? Rose. Catch up with friends over a cheeseboard? Rose. Warm Summers night on a Wednesday? Rose.
Level up your Mum’s rose with her very own personalised glass, the Sienna Wine Glass. The wine connoisseurs of the world say that to best enjoy a rose you need a nice wide body and a narrow opening to guide those aromas to the nose. Our Sienna Wine glass will allow it’s drinkers to enjoy the full sensory experience of a great rose on a Summers day.
3. The gin goes with everything Mum.
Gin has come onto the scene and into everyone’s glasses in the last five years. It is the perfect base for every cocktail, no matter how simple or complex. From a classic G&T to a Tom Collins, gin can be enjoyed by anyone for any taste. So, while some Mums enjoy the warm feeling of a red, some of our Mother’s love to sip on a gin cocktail to take them back to balmy nights in city bars.
To enjoy gin in all its forms, look no further than the Manhattan Whiskey Glass. Do not be fooled by the name, this product is super versatile. The die cut glass gives any gin cocktail a little extra flare. Your Mum deserves to enjoy her G&T and reality TV with a level of class that she so deserves.
Pro tip: for the classic gin lovers, add rosemary to your cocktail. Believe us, you will not go back.
4. The I-like-it-straight-up Mum
So your Mum needs something a little stronger? These are for the Mums who deserve a drink that hits a little harder for those tougher days, or maybe she just loves the intensity of a drink straight up. The Rockford Whiskey Glass is the perfect edition for the purest, no frills Mum. The classic die cut crystal is the perfect change to highlight the drink inside, and the weightiness of the glass will make her feel like she’s enjoying a slice of luxury right at home.
5. The champagne showers Mum
Does your Mum never pass up a glass of bubbly at an event? Is she the type that enjoys a breakfast mimosa? Then our Sienna Champagne Flute is the perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day. Let her truly celebrate in style with her monogrammed champagne flute, with a sleek, classic design, this glass will never go out of style so she will be celebrating all occasions with her flutes for years to come.